Shark Tank Presenter 2022

Thank you for your interest in ULI Houston's Shark Tank, hosted by ULI NEXT! 

Applications will be reviewed and responded to as soon as possible after received. If you have questions about your application, please email Houston@uli.org with "Shark Tank" in your subject line.

ULI Houston's Shark Tank is modeled after ULI National's Shark Tank Program. Two or more presenters will present their developer pitch to our group of "Sharks" (experts in the real estate industry). Our Sharks will ask questions of each presenter to help the audience determine their favorite. The winner will be determined by an audience vote. While being a presenter allows for a large audience to hear about the development and potential opportunities, ULI Houston does not guarantee investment in your development. 

For timing purposes, we are hoping to have this event in October 2022.