Coastal Resilience Focus Group Interest Form

As part of the ULI Urban Resilience program's research for an upcoming report on coastal resilience, we are hosting virtual focus group meetings with real estate and land use professionals who have worked on projects or policies related to coastal resilience. Please fill out this interest form to let us know about your interest in participating in a focus group meeting and what your area of experience/expertise includes. While not everyone will be able to participate in a focus group meeting due to space limitations, there will be other opportunities to engage in this work and by filling out this form, we will add you to our list to reach out to about opportunities related to coastal resilience that arise.

For those who are invited to join a focus group meeting, we will send out a separate invitation with timing and call in details. We will integrate what we learn during these focus group meetings into a global ULI report about coastal resilience, to be published in 2024. The report will provide guidance on implementing coastal resilience strategies in real estate development and land use, highlighting best practices and case studies of successful projects. Our hope is that by sharing strategies, resources, and guidance, we can support the integration of coastal resilience strategies into land use practices and policies, allowing our coastal regions to not just to avert and recover from crises, but also to thrive.