ULI Philadelphia: Spring Forward 2023: Regional Economic Outlook
All members and guests are welcome to join us on May 31st, 2023, for a conversation around macro economic trends as we explore myths on the state of inflation, interest rates, public safety & health, housing security, urban-suburban convergence, banking, workforce, and more. Attendees are invited to submit myths to the form below for an opportunity for these topics to be addressed at length by our esteemed panelists.  

Please share any 'myths' that you'd like to hear addressed around any of the following topics priorities, or more:
  • Public Safety 
  • Housing insecurity 
  • Inflation 
  • Convergence - Flight to Suburbs/ Migration into Philadelphia Region 
  • Workforce/ Office Use 
  • Policies Economic/ Social Impacts 
  • Interest Rates Anticipatory Movements 
  • State of Banking 
  • Shifting Mix of Uses in Downtowns – Trends around converting office into housing/ revitalizing downtowns 
  • Urban vs. Suburban shifts 
  • Climate Change Trends – Response of Resilient Building/ Sustainability Practices